And when the multitudes heard this, they were astonished at His teaching. Matthew 22:33
For Pastors

Our desire is to be a help to the body of Christ in the Area of Marriages and Families. Our first service we can provide is in Marriage Conferences, Seminars or workshops and Church services designed to fit your requirements in keeping with our Core Values. We are very strong on Covenant. Our testimony provides a starting point for marriages to be healed strengthened and for the couple to get Gods vision for their marriage. If you desire more our experience in working with Marriages and Families we can provide coaching to help your church develop a solid marriage and family ministry. With our relationship with other ministries we can help you to network so you do not have to reinvent the wheel in every area of your need. We always minister on Forgiveness, moving as One Flesh and Intimacy in marriage.

We can be very flexible by the leading of the Spirit in formatting the details in how we can serve you. We know that marriage issues are very time consuming for the Pastor. Our desire is to help all marriages become everything God has destined them to be so they can be a help and vibrant members of your church and to the rest of the body of Christ.

In our years of working with marriages we have been able to effectively use video conferencing and can be available to you to help set this up in your church and leadership to be used for the expansion of any of your ministries.

We are also available for building peer relationships with you as a couple.

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