Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Mathew 19:5
The Ministry of Missionaries 2 Marriages
  1. We must always point people to the Lordship of Jesus
    We must deepen people's relationship with Jesus, not make them dependent upon us. We see people and situations through the eyes of faith. The Word of God is our guide.
  2. Strong Families that move in the Holy Spirit make strong churches.
    After believers are born-again, there is a second, distinct experience in which the Holy Spirit empowers believers (Acts1:8).The power of the Holy Spirit changes the believer from within (Fruit of the Spirit) and flows out through the believer (Gifts of the Spirit)
  3. Marriage is a covenant
    It reflects the covenant relationship between Jesus and the Church. Man and Wife agree to be faithful no matter what the other one does. It is unconditional. It is until death
  4. Marriage between a man and a woman is God's plan for family.
    God intends for family to produce healthy sons and daughters in the image of their Heavenly Father.
  5. We are to bring the life of God's Word to all Nations
    We are to bring the healing power of Christ to marriages and families of every Nation exampling transparency and the word of God
  6. Marriage does not take away identity it enhances it.
    God brings out the best in us so when a marriage is challenged we can rise to the occasion to see healing and wholeness
  7. God sees families generationally
    We should leave a legacy of Covenant and peace and a knowledge of God to the next generation
  8. We are a body
    We are to network likeminded ministries and build the Kingdom of God
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